1. Workers Demonstrate on a hill near Marikana

2. Chronology of a Massacre

3. The Prelude

4. Workers gather at Wonderkop, Marikana

5. Workers demonstrate on a Hill near Marikana

6. MineWorkers March during strike

7. Lonmin workers gather on Wonderkop hill at Marikana 15/08/12

8. Mine Workers March before the Massacre

9. Miners March during their strike

10. Workers meetings continue on the hill

11. Workers during the Lonmin Strike

12. Workers Meeting during the strike

13. Meeting of the strike leadership

14. The Encounter

15. Police shooting at Lonmin Workers on Strike

16. workers lying on the ground after the massacre

17. police move in while dead workers lie on the ground

18. police move in while dead workers lie on the ground

19. the aftermath

20. the scene of the massacre in wonderkop

21. the scene of the massacre at wonderkop

22. Police Mark Position of Bodies of Killed Miners

23. miner weeps following the massacre

24. wife of slain driller andries ntsenyeho

25. women mourn after the massacre

26. resistance

27. Miners Protest the Presence of Police

28. burned shack of scab suspect

29. relatives of miners protest against police

30. miners on peaceful march after the massacre

31. workers march after the massacre, nkaneng

32. bishop paul verryn joined lonmin miners

33. women support striking miners

34. police arrest residents of nkaneng

35. remembering marikana

36. A rock driller in his shack in Wonderkop

37. zeack, A miner, in his shack inside a compound

38. Miners Living conditions

39. the faces of marikana

40. the faces of marikana

41. remembering marikana

42. remembering marikana

The Constitutional Court has ordered Cash Paymaster Services (CPS) to continue paying social grants on behalf of the SA Social Security Agency for another year – at the same price. In a judgment handed down on 17 March 2017, the…


On 10 February 2017, the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) marched to ABSA Bank’s headquarters in Johannesburg to handover a memorandum to demand ABSA ‘pay back the…


The Children’s Act 38 of 2005 is the primary source of all children’s rights in the Republic of South Africa. Recent Court judgments have influenced and required of the Legislature to amend specific provisions in the Act that are lacking…


On 1 March 2017, the Constitutional Court in Braamfontein, Johannesburg heard an urgent application for leave to appeal against an order of the Supreme Court of Appeal. This application arose from an arrest related to the Fees Must Fall movement….


On Saturday, a coalition of local and immigrant communities and organisations marched to Parliament to deliver a memorandum calling on government to stop inciting xenophobia…


On 24 February 2017 an anti-immigrant march took place in Pretoria. The march was organised by Mamelodi Concerned Residents, with other Pretoria residents, who marched to Pretoria…


I did not choose to be here in South Africa, but I came in 2010. I was in the west of the country. But first, I moved to the east part of the DRC because there was war and I…


I am from a village that shares two borders with South Africa and Botswana. So it was easier for me to come to South Africa. Secondly the language that I speak is Ndebele so when I am in any province…


The Housing Assembly (HA) was founded following a series of activist workshops facilitated by ILRIG. It is currently operating in the Western Cape, in communities like Tafelsig, Gugulethu and Blikkiesdorp. With many of the activists…


On [9 March], a number of people (members of the community say more than 20 families) were evicted by City of Cape Town law enforcement officers from houses in Wolwerivier, the City’s housing project about 30km from the Cape Town…




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