Women protest Gender Summit

Women protest Gender Summit

Women protest Gender Summit

Women protest Gender Summit

Women protest Gender Summit

Women protest Gender Summit

On the 1st of May every year workers around the world commemorate May Day which is also called Labour Day. The history of the day is one that details very well the antagonism of class struggle as well as the cruelty of the bourgeoisie. In 1886 on the 4th of May Haymarket Square in Chicago…


On the 7 May 2018 Democratic Municipal and Allied Workers Union of South Africa (DEMAWUSA), sent the notice to Metrobus Johannesburg about the bus strike that will start on the 5 June 2018. According to DEMAWUSA the strike was…


As a nationwide trucker strike enters its fifth day in Brazil, impacting several industries across the country, president Michel Temer announced today (25) on live television that he will use the Army, the Air Forces, the Navy, and the Federal Highway Police…

South Africa

“The most historic and progressive changes to South Africa’s labour legislation were adopted overwhelmingly by the National Assembly on Tuesday [29 May 2018]. They were the most significant and progressive amendments to our labour laws…


In November 2017 the Department of Labour published the National Minimum Wage Bill (NMW) which proposes that the lowest wage should be R20 each hour for general labourers; R18 for farmworkers and all working in the Forestry sector; R15…


With claims that the South African Federation of Trade Unions(SAFTU) is planning to embark on a 3 day strike to intensify the struggle against the recent…


In Southern Africa “the land question” looms large. After decades, even centuries, of being suppressed, the land question again and again rises right back up to the top of the agenda. In Zimbabwe…


At the Freedom Day Rally (27 April 2018) in Bloemfontein, President Ramaphosa stated that the national minimum wage of R20 per hour is not a…


On the 25th of April Johannesburg residents awoke to an emptier than usual CBD. It was not too long before the city became red with the colour of tee-shirts worn by a sea of protesting workers. Workers under…


On 25 April 2018 (Wednesday) workers around the country will strike to defend their rights. The proposed labour laws will take away the workers right to strike and enforce a slave wage of R3200….




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