Women protest Gender Summit

Women protest Gender Summit

Women protest Gender Summit

Women protest Gender Summit

Women protest Gender Summit

Women protest Gender Summit

The Gauteng Community Health Care Forum (the Forum) and Khanya College have produced a new book that captures the stories and struggles of Community Health Workers in South Africa…


During this peaceful demonstration which was within the rights of the community the police shot and killed one community member who together with scores of others were pursued and injured in a…


A group of farm workers, mostly women, demonstrated at the gates to the Stellenbosch Wine Festival on Saturday. They sang and held posters reading: “No toilet in vineyards” and “Stop poison”. They tried to enter the…


50 Mauritian women sign a 100-word Common Declaration Against Sex Abuse.The Common Declaration Against Sex Abuse represents a shared stand against patriarchy…


The Minister of Finance described the budget as a way out of economic stagnation. However our assessment of Budget 2018 is that it does not respond adequately to the economic crisis as experienced by millions of Black South Africans…


[The following letter was issued by the Global Women’s Strike, a network of women organisations and activists that campaign on the need to value women’s work in the home, and on women’s lives. The Global Women’s Strike is active in


SUBJECT: Oxfam South Africa (OZA) stands firm for accountability in the handling of sexual abuse by all including Oxfam, I write to you as a key partner in our pursuit of a world that is just for all, without the…


In early January 2018, capitalists across the globe were celebrating the fact that the Dow Jones had rallied by 45% since the election of Donald Trump. Likewise, brokers were beaming in Sandton when the Johannesburg Stock Exchange hit a high


On 22 February the Constitutional Court will hear a case lodged by Assign Services that has massive implications for workers in South Africa. The question before the court is this: do labour brokered…


The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) views the appointment of Cyril Ramaphosa to the position of President of the Republic of South Africa, as a new era in the war against workers…




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