Medico International

Tribute to Oupa Lehulere (1960-2021) With much gratitude and care from medico international (Germany), Peoples Health Movement (PHM-SA), SINANI and the partners of the Community Health Care Workers Networking Project. We are mourning the loss of Oupa Lehulere, Director of Khanya College, who passed away on 28 November 2021 at the age of 61 years….

Lalit, Mauritius

By Lindsey Collen, Mauritius A personal note, written in the name of everyone on LALIT* who knew Oupa. Oupa Lehulere, who led Khanya College in Johannesburg, for a decade, had a brilliant political mind that became increasingly broad over the years, broad in its vast compass. Read more… Together with this exceptionally broad-spanned mind, he…