Bishop Lavis Action Community (BLAC)

# BLAC – Tribute to Oupa Lehulere

The Bishop Lavis Action Community (BLAC) is saddened by the death of Oupa Lehulere. Our interaction with this socialist intellectual giant prospered when Covid19 hit us and when we started to collaborate on the educational issues.

Our position was that schools should not reopen as normal. As such, we decided on a plan. Oupa Lehulere and the Khanya component agreed with us.

We have had numerous zoom meetings where we worked on a national strategy. During these meetings it became apparent that Oupa was a masterful Marxist tactician.

His ideas were always crisp, succinct and visionary. He would listen to various viewpoints contrary to his.

Yet, his strength was his marrying of these various and different viewpoints into powerful strategies. Normally, he would be the convener of these meetings.

His ability to hold that group together and make each and every comrades’ contribution part of the strategy, was simply brilliant.

We so much wanted to engage Oupa physically and plans were made to provide political education to our members in BLAC by means of Kanya as well.

Unfortunately, his illness struck. BLAC trusts that the relationship between our organisations will still flourish.

Oupa’s legacy in terms of building the consciousness and the confidence of the working class, is second to none.

Our thoughts are with Maria and Searotoa during this time of bereavement. We sincerely believe that Oupa’s passing left a serious void.

We can only recommit ourselves to the TOTAL liberation of working class as our final gift to him.

Oupa is dead. Long live the undying spirit of Oupa Lehulere!

Aluta Continua!

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