Mkuki-Na-Nyota, Tanzania

Dear Comrade Maria,

It is truly with great shock and sadness that i learned a little while ago about the passing of Comrade Oupa. I was not aware he had been battling cancer, and so the news came ,as it were out of the blue. This is very sad and tragic.

Comrade Oupa was one of those people South Africa and Africa need; a tireless fighter for people’s liberation, well being and prosperity. It was such a pleasure last time I was there to spend time with Comrade Oupa and yourself, and will treasure his memory for a long time, along those of other comrades who gave so much of themselves for the struggle and more recently for people’s rights and social justice.

May Comrade Oupa be received well by our ancestors, and may you Comrade Maria have the strength to bear the heavy weight of loss of your life long partner and revolutionary fighter, and the will to carry on with the struggle to which both of you were whole heartedly dedicated.

Love and solidarity, Walter

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