Red Salute

By Issa Shivji, Tanzania

I shan’t bury you
For you’ll always live in my heart and thoughts.

I shan’t sing hymns for the peace of your soul
For your soul’ll always fight for peace.

I shan’t write obituaries
For they’ll be singing your praises in mines and factories.

I shan’t kneel down at your grave
For I’ll always salute you standing up.

I shan’t mourn and weep and grieve your death
For I celebrate your life.

Sing and celebrate for Comrade Oupa
Bellow the battle cry.
Working people of the World
Awake from neoliberal slumber
Arise from capitalist darkness.
Tear asunder the rainbowBEE nation
Paint it PanAfrican Red

(Aunt) Vivian Syed, Bedford, Britain
Dearest Maria and Searatoa my God and his Blessed Mother BLESS YOU BOTH giving you the comfort you need. Maria I will be saying a special prayers for you and Searatoa. You are always in my thoughts.
Lots of love.

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