Solidar, Switzerland

Dear Maria Dear Searatoa

With shock and profound sadness and pain I have received Ighsaan´s note on Oupa passing away on Monday morning. I am so sorry, and I want to express that I am with you in these hours and days of mourning. For me and for those in Solidar Suisse who had the privilege to know Oupa, we will remember him as a fighter for social justice, a tireless social movement builder, an outstanding intellectual and a true friend with a great and wonderful sense of humor. We will miss Oupa, but he leaves a legacy that will last. It was good that I had the chance to participate in the launch of his website just a few weeks ago.

For Solidar Suisse, Oupa was a trustful and reliable Director of Khanya College in more than 25 years of cooperation between the two organizations, going back to the 1990s. It is with pleasure that I remember our meetings, discussions and socializing in Johannesburg, in Zürich, once in Nairobi at the WSF and also in Bonn, Germany.

Please receive my personal condolences and – on behalf of the management and all the colleagues in Zürich and in Lausanne – the condolences of our whole organization Solidar Suisse.

May he rest in peace.
Yours in solidarity
Joachim Merz

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