SLC – George

Angela and Phumi

When we heard of Oupa’s death on Monday 29 Nov we felt a sense of disbelief and deep sorrow. How could Oupa’s incredible energy be lost? As the days have passed we have become increasingly aware of how Oupa’s energy continues and lives in every movement, organisation and comrade who was fortunate enough to engage with him. Oupa has shaped us all.

Oupa’s incredible intellect, analysis and his ability to make the links between people’s struggles and the neoliberal context focussed and strengthened the struggles of the landless people in the Southern Cape and Karoo. When Oupa ‘set the scene’ he challenged and shook us out of complacency and revived the spirit of resistance.

As a friend Oupa was generous with his knowledge and his laughter . An evening sitting around a whiskey with Oupa is an experience we will never forget and for which we are forever grateful. Despite his incredible intellect Oupa was approachable, encouraging and fun.

We will miss him deeply as a friend, comrade and advisor. We are grateful for how he shaped us. Our condolences to Maria and Searatoa and to Khanya College.

In peace.

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