It is with great sadness that Afrikagrupperna learned of the passing of Oupa Lehulere, Director of Khanya College. Although saddened, we are also humbled and remain steadfast of the life that Oupa lived. As an organization we walked a long journey with Oupa and Khanya College, we learnt so much from the passionate, vibrant, and organic intellectual. His life is a tribute to nurturing intellectual capacity amongst the youth and many more.

Afrikagrupperna salutes you.
Hamba Kahle, Go well Comrade Oupa

Oupa’s family, friends and all those who were privileged to cross paths with him, find comfort in the outpour of tributes and solidarity.

Below are some tributes from friends of Oupa at AGS:

In Oupa Lehulere we mourn a comrade, but we also celebrate his long, good struggle for a just world. Oupa really proofed that one person can make a difference. Rest in peace! – In Solidarity, Gabi Björsson

A giant tree has fallen. His print on this earth will last, as will the consciousness he has triggered and nurtured. The loss is felt all the way to the Arctic circle. Our thoughts are with Maria and Searatoa. – Agnes Nygren

From Boel Johnsson, AGS, Sweden

Dearest Maria,

I’m so terribly sorry for your loss! Though I never myself have had the honor to meet with Oupa from what I read he has been an important force in the never-ending struggle for social justice.

Apart from the loss of his work and engagement, the loss is also personal. You have my deepest sympathies in these hard times of grief. Stay strong! Our lost loved ones are not really lost as long as we keep the memories alive and as long as we feel love in our hearts.

For you and your family I send my deepest condolences!

Big hug,


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