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Berlin, 01.12.202

Dear Maria, dear Searatoa, dear Comrades at the Khanya College,

It is with great sadness that we heard about Oupa’s passing. The message first reached us via the WhatsApp group that we organised after Bread for the World’s latest partner consultations in Cape Town end of 2017. At that occasion, we contracted the Forum of Active Journalists, a project of Khanya College, to do daily newsletters and document the deliberations. This was just one of many occasions when the collaboration and partnership with Khanya College went beyond the project management issues. At other occasions, Khanya College hosted seminars bringing together small groups of Bread for the World partners for peer reviewing or discussions on movement building. More than once Oupa guided us in our strategic decisions.

Oupa was an intellectual dinosaur with decades of credibility engaging with the poor and the working class. He was an activist. Having Oupa at your side provided credibility. Yet he never turned arrogant and he was already ready to listen and engage. He went to meetings of newly started movements to support and listen; his engagement with donors was professional but more than that: He invited us into his universe and reflected with us on the administrative frameworks around the movement building: how to build narratives and measure impact. Coordinating Khanya College was never just a job, it was a lifestyle.

Oupa and Maria became friends, invited me home, and always asked about the kids and our wellbeing.
Khanya will go on, in spite of tremendous efforts and successes, the challenges remain. You, Maria and the rest of the crew, will continue the reflections and the fight.

May Oupa’s soul rest in peace and his spirits and writings keep on inspiring us. Maria, my deepest condolences to you and to Searatoa. We will stay in touch.

On behalf of the South Africa Team and the Africa Department, please receive my warm regards.

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