Boycott Clover Products, Support Striking Clover Workers

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More than 4000 members of GIWUSA and FAWU have embarked on a NATIONAL STRIKE on MONDAY, 22nd NOVEMBER 2021.  

Why workers are striking at Clover? 

The bosses of Clover have launched a major onslaught on workers. The bosses want to cut R300 million in labour costs in order to maximize their profits. For them the workers are to many, too expensive and inflexible. They want to cut jobs, cut wages and make the remaining workers to be more flexible and work harder.

  • The company wants to retrench more than 600 workers including closing 4 branches.
  • They are imposing a salary cut of 20%.
  • They are imposing a major restructuring of the operations and are unilaterally changing workers conditions of employment:
    • Imposing a compressed working week with a 12-hour a day. Workers are currently working a 9-hour day.
    • Imposing a system of one van assistant, one driver whereas there is currently a system of two van assistants, one driver.
    • Imposing permanent short-time.
    • Making work on Sundays and Public Holidays compulsory
    • Off-setting short-time against overtime. In other words where a worker has not worked his full normal hours, the worker’s overtime will be used to fill the normal hours before overtime is paid.

Workers are defending their jobs, their health, their living standards and hard-won gains!!

This press statement was released as popular flyer by the Clover Solidarity Committee on 18 January 2022.

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