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The Gauteng Community Health Care Forum is saddened to announce the fall of a Warrior

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“Residents of Klipspruit West ext. 2, whose houses are not far from the stream, had their houses basically filled with water. Adam whose house was also flooded said the water was too much but at least no snakes were detected…”

“Please use the form linked here to RSVP
Join us next week Friday, the 3rd of February at 6:00 pm for an evening celebrating Palestinian culture, poetry and music. With live performances by Haidar Eid (renowned Palestinian academic and musician) and…”

“The Zwakala Festival is a festival of new writing. Its objective is to showcase top productions from community theatre and choose an ultimate winner. One unique play that highlighted the importance of this festival is Blacksmith. Blacksmith is a…”

“It might not seem like a classical story but Blacks Don’t Cry is a well-crafted piece of art that excels at exposing the dysfunctionality in which democratic South Africa’s working class communities lives. Though it’s told in a very complicated…”

“The Molelekis are a young couple from Mokhesi, Sterkspruit. They started organically farming vegetables during the height of Covid-19, in June 2020, after they left their 9 to 5 jobs. The Molelekis began planting vegetables using new innovative farming methods…”

“People do not have jobs and with the floods it will drive them mad to resort to crime if the government does not help them. It is embarrassing that we need to beg for help from people we voted for…”

How Eskom has been treating the end-user is diabolical. People no longer trust the ruling party to find the solution to loadshedding which has continued beyond the promised time. This issue has become social. For people living with chronic diseases…

Written by Thamsanqa Gxubane, this unconventional love story takes us through a crash course of psychoanalysis theory–the Oedipus Complex–unpacking the trails of suppressed memories. The play starts with a mentally unstable Mojalefa who is haunted by a confusing…

The African Reclaimers Organisation (ARO) embarked on a cleaning campaign together with the city of Cape Town solid waste management team.

Since schools reopened for the final term of the year, one school in Eldorado Park has been facing problems which led to gang violence amongst learners in schools.

The KwaThema Seventh Day Adventist church hosted a career expo on Sunday, 6 November 2022, for young people still in high school and post-school.

The Kwa-Thema Skills School hosted the international day of the girl child event on 28 October 2022, the event is usually hosted on 11 October annually, but due to other commitments faced by the Department of Education this year, the event was celebrated later.