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We in Kopanang Africa Against Xenophobia want to express our solidarity and sympathy with students protesting at Wits, University of Johannesburg and other universities fee exclusions, accommodation issues, water shortages and other such issues.

The sports club, Mighty Bros Football Club is based in Germiston.

“Travelling is often associated with the elite and when the working class attempts to do it, it is only by visiting close relatives from far-off provinces. This festive season some young South Africans decided to change this tendency. Ntokozo Langa…”

Activism is a way through which people express their feelings and interfere in social, political, economic and environmental reform of society to make changes.

On 17 October 2022, parents and community leaders closed down Lefa-Ifa Secondary School in Kwa-Thema with bricks and burning tyers at the gate preventing learners and teachers from entering the school.

The workshop on ‘Philosophy for Youth’ was a positive and empowering session for all young people in attendance.

It is that time of the year again. It is time for the 14th Annual Jozi Book Fair Festival.

Page to Stage is a cultural group from Protea South which grew out of a well-known non-profit (NPO) organisation called the Perfect Storm.

Filomina Macuacua is a 22-year-old young woman originally from Maputo and currently based in Lawley

Many communities do not have libraries, no community centres, or spaces for youth. So it

Bullying is schools has became one of the biggest problems for school youth in…