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Johannesburg is a city that is well known for its minerals and job opportunities.

Underage drinking still remains a serious concern in working class communities.

On 9 August 2023, in commemoration of the generation of 1956 where 20 000 women marched against the carrying of the dompass, the coach and founder of African Connection Women Football Club, Chris Totobela and the team hosted the first ever Diski Queens Tournament under the theme “Kicking the ball against Gender Based Violence and Drug Abuse”.

Over the years since 2016, when the biggest student mass protests in the last 10 years ended, there has been sporadic but continuous struggle at various universities.

South Africa in recent years has become a playground for drug dealers and users.

Reading helps expand our world and improve our experiences, being one of the best ways in which we can learn new information and acquire new skills, access the experience of others, and garner advice.

Freedom Day is a holiday where people celebrate the freedom that we have today.

Employment has become a crisis in Grahamstown Makhanda.

On 01 April 2022, the reading and writing program at Holy Angels, headed by the Jozi Book Fair (JBF), took off.

On 27 March 2023 while doing interviews on unemployment in the streets of Makhanda we spoke to two people.

The African Diaspora Workers Network (ADWN), Umphakatsi Eco-Peace Village (UEPV) and Community Organising Working Group (COWG) with the support of the Southern Human Rights Defenders Network (SHRDN) hosted a Human Rights Netball Tournament on the 2nd of April 2023.