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Against the neoliberal education system: Indefinite strike of education workers in Chile

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Jacob Potlaki, an organiser with the Casual Workers’ Advice Office and Simunye Workers Forum (SWF), was threatened by representatives of the Centurion-based Liwayway Food South Africa (Pty) Ltd yesterday (18 May 2023) at 3:30pm on the factory premises.

With the working-class organization being so weak over the years, many issues and crises go on without resistance and opposition from the affected.

“Revolt, for you have nothing to lose but your chains and your tents!” – George Habash

On this International Workers’ Day, we, the waste pickers – who collect and sort recyclable materials from the waste generated by households, businesses, and industries – want to mark this momentous occasion where we can come together and acknowledge the contributions of waste pickers around the world.

Protesters from many different non-profit organisations (NPOs) and child protection organisations (CPOs) say the Department of Social Development (DSD) is cutting budgets which will hamper their ability to operate.

In the new world of Technology, the Agricultural sector will be one of the industries that will survive as it works with food, a basic need in communities.

Employment has become a crisis in Grahamstown Makhanda.

On 27 March 2023 while doing interviews on unemployment in the streets of Makhanda we spoke to two people.

Ntombizanele Lima (53) from Uitenhage is a small-scale farmer but has acquired some experience in the field

WINDHOEK — The Namibian Rossing mine, one of the largest open-pit uranium mines in the world, has been embroiled in a labour dispute with the Mineworkers Union of Namibia (MUN) since August 2020

Any form of increase in the daily needs of the working class is a major setback and a stumbling block to everyday survival especially if there is no increase in salaries.