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“It is hardly two months since the passing of the creative centre coordinator for Rena Le Lona Creative Centre, Ricky Bopape. Cultural worker, Bopape was well-loved and regarded, and was a valuable facilitator at the orphaned and vulnerable centre where he…”

Between 24 and 26 March 2023, the fifth Constitution Hill Human Rights Festival took place. It had the theme ‘Dignity, Freedom, and Justice for All.’

Growth is inevitable going by the rate of book fair-based events, which are interestingly increasing, and which indicate a positive change in South Africa.

“The Zwakala Festival is a festival of new writing. Its objective is to showcase top productions from community theatre and choose an ultimate winner. One unique play that highlighted the importance of this festival is Blacksmith. Blacksmith is a…”

“It might not seem like a classical story but Blacks Don’t Cry is a well-crafted piece of art that excels at exposing the dysfunctionality in which democratic South Africa’s working class communities lives. Though it’s told in a very complicated…”

“People do not have jobs and with the floods it will drive them mad to resort to crime if the government does not help them. It is embarrassing that we need to beg for help from people we voted for…”

“While studying, I stumbled upon the black consciousness movement’s notes and the Pan Africanism lectures, I intend to write around that as my way to impact the arts, raising questions such as ‘What Does It Mean To Be Black?’ in…”

Written by Thamsanqa Gxubane, this unconventional love story takes us through a crash course of psychoanalysis theory–the Oedipus Complex–unpacking the trails of suppressed memories. The play starts with a mentally unstable Mojalefa who is haunted by a confusing…

5 November 2022, was a day filled with laughter, punching and piercing
sounds submerged with melodic lyrics.

On 30 of October 2022, the last day of the Jozi Book Fair festival taking place at the Workers Museum in Newtown, in Johannesburg, there was a dancing session facilitated by Christos Daskalakos.

“The study groups are designed in a triangular format. The triangle is built out of the staff study group, WhatsApp study group, and the mass study group. This format ensures that readings are broken down slowly and read again for …”

This year’s Jozi Book Festival takes place from 29 to 30 October 2022 at the Workers Museum in Newtown. In the midst of increasing degeneration and decay, so visible in the city of