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“At Extension 28 Clinic, 7 staff members were already infected with Covid-19. Department of Health, however, has changed the rules and now says when you are infected with Covid-19 you only quarantine for 10 days and come back to work…”

“But it is already the end of July and there are districts that haven’t been given direction about what the terms of signing are under the regulations of COVID-19. The signing of these long awaited permanent contracts is taking place…”

“It was only in the early nineteen nineties, after South Africans saw themselves voting that we saw Anglo American company donate a clinic to the community of Mfidikoe. The donation was made out of their social labour plan and after…”

“When the first case happened, workers at the French company (which sells personal care and cosmetics…)”

“CHWs who work with the elderly and the sick in their homes in formal and informal settlements reported that they had not been given enough information and training in protocols…”

“In South Africa the working class is generally at high risk of contracting the corona virus because of widespread poverty, social inequality and the failing public health…”

“There were initially 17 cases according to an earlier statement by the Department of Health, however there were some positive news coming out of the Department…”

“This information will be used by the lawyers in court to force the Department to grade the Community Health Workers. Applicants in…”

“How could they not be considered employees with the amount and extent of work that they are expected…

The Mpumalanga Community Health Care Workers (MCHCW), are calling on the Management Forum to release them to the Department of Health. On the 13 July 2019, the …

President Evo Morales launched Friday Bolivia’s new and free Unified Health System (SUS), which seeks to expand health coverage to the population who…

Community Health Workers (CHWs) in Gauteng refused to sign a one year Fixed Term Contract offered by the Gauteng Department of Health…