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On Wednesday, 22 September 2021, the Covid-19 Working Class Campaign (CWCC) held a mass…

“The second reason for the failure of the state’s public schools strategy, is the emerging grassroots movement to close schools. The temporary closure of schools or ‘break’ is a partial victory won by these movements. The protests started in Cape Town…”

“The aim of this Forum is to create different campaigns around the boycotting of schools until the COVID-19 curve has flattened. One of the actions parents proposed was starting a Forum that demands the government must close ALL schools, provide…”

“The government has no capacity to implement its own regulations. Despite the government’s extensive Regulations to reorganise schools during COVID-19…”

“Lehulere analyses little change that has been made to the allocation of expenditures, and
particularly infrastructure since the budget announced February. His analysis also explores…”

“The government’s decision to postpone the June exams to December, and the silence about when the December exam is going to be held, is an admission that given the Covid-19 conditions it will be impossible for public schools to recover the time lost in 2020.”

“We still do not know how often children transmit the disease to others. The government’s decision to send children to school is completely reckless and…”

“They have told me that they board taxis that contain 16 or more passengers despite the Covid-19 regulations. Some of the passengers do not wear masks.

Yet the minister of basic education promised that 7 000 employees would monitor the taxis that pupils travel in.

“Firstly, what is important to note in this debate is that South Africa represents the first country in which “science” was harnessed to firstly, support the lockdown, and immediately thereafter, to “eradicate the lockdown completely”. It is the first country “science”…

“The CCWC rejects the government’s recent announcement that schools will be reopening on 01 June. We echo the call of Bishop Lavis Action Community that: ALL learners, teachers, support staff…”

In the meeting of 1 April 2020 organisations making up the Covid19Working Class Campaign (The Campaign) adopted a politicalplatform that frames the approach of the campaign in the…

Khanya College Report – March 2020 Pandemics and natural disasters demonstrate clearly the social divisions, the social inequality, the quality of the political leadership of a country and the compassion in any society. COVID-19 or the coronavirus outbreak comes at a time when the working class in South Africa has been significantly…