Remember Marikana

The Prelude

Demonstrate in a hill

Mineworkers march during strike

Lonmin workers gather on Wonderkop Hill

Workers march before the massacre

Miners march during their strike

Workers meetings continue on the hill

Workers during the Lonmin strike

Workers meeting during the strike

Meeting of the strike leadership

The Encounter

Police shooting Lonmin workers on strike

Workers lying on the ground after the massacre

Police move in while dead workers lie on the ground

Workers move in while dead workers lie on the ground


Scene of the massacre at Wonderkop

Scene of the massacre at Wonderkop

Yellow police paint marks

Leaders weeps after Lonmin workers were killed

The wife of Andries Ntsenyebo who was killed during Marikana massacre

Women mourn after the massacre


Workers singing struggle songs

A miner’s shack burnt down

Wives and relatives joins protest at Lonmin

Miners singing on a peaceful march

Workers march after the massacre

Paul Verryn join Lonmin miners on the march

Women supporting striking miners

Residents of Nkaneng

A rock drill operator in his shack

Zeacks, a rock drill operator

Zakes and Jackson’s compound

The faces of Marikana

The faces of Marikana

The faces of Marikana

The faces of Marikana

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