International Women’s Day: Against Farm Evictions

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day: In Palestine

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day: Indigenous

International Women’s Day: Jordan

International Women’s Day: In Cameroon

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

“All licensing offices are closed during the lockdown period.REAL ESTATE
The City has waived rental payments for tenants using council properties whose entities do not fall under essential services….”

“During the lock down, the Mtentu lodge will not pay rent to the Amadiba Coastal Community Development Trust (ACCODA). In return, the tenant will continue to pay full wages to community members working…”

“During this lockdown period, parents and guardians are encouraged to keep children safe at home. Children should not be socialising or playing in groups during this time. This must be done to…”

““The lockdown helps us to reduce the large number of people moving about… However, it does not mean lockdown on its own solves the problem. We still need precautions…”

“This weekend we saw far too many people not heed the call to stay home and limit their contact with others. This is extremely detrimental to our effort to stop the spread. We urge you to please, please, stay home…”

This article was completed before President Ramaphosa announced the national lock-down on 23 March. The measures he announced, and the direction of these measures, continued his policy of private sector leadership of the fight…

“In the long history of ruling class responses to disasters, pandemics and catastrophes, nothing tells us more about the general approach of these classes than the way they allocate resources to these catastrophes…”

“It is also notable that the Eastern Cape has its first confirmed case. This patient is a 28 year old female who had travelled to Germany
Under the age category, the “age unknown’ case is a patient who did not put …”

“The Presidential addresses ‘expressing concern’ will not prevent the coronavirus from killing thousands of people in working class communities across South Africa, so it is extremely important that we organise ourselves within each and every township, informal settlement and working class…”

“In order to respond to coronavirus we will need thousands if not millions of people to perform numerous tasks and actions in service of the public. South Africa currently has a large pool of unemployed people…”



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