Build a response: Blame the authorities, not the homeless for the harrowing deaths in the Joburg Fire

The Casual Workers’ Advice Office (CWAO) condemns Simba for its ruthless dismissal of 52 workers, with just nine days’ notice.

Johannesburg is a city that is well known for its minerals and job opportunities.

Underage drinking still remains a serious concern in working class communities.

Bathurst Location Community, located in the Eastern Cape has been having problems with water supply for many years, even before the location was expanded to include some surrounding residential areas.

When looking at the state of infrastructure in and around Johannesburg, one can immediately see that something is off, and I am not just talking about loadshedding.

The struggle tree highlights the struggles that the working class is currently enduring and In-depth the tree symbolises social challenges, lack of solidarity and inequality faced by the working-class communities.

On 9 August 2023, in commemoration of the generation of 1956 where 20 000 women marched against the carrying of the dompass, the coach and founder of African Connection Women Football Club, Chris Totobela and the team hosted the first ever Diski Queens Tournament under the theme “Kicking the ball against Gender Based Violence and Drug Abuse”.

The ‘City of Gold’ is packed with street vendors: from corner to corner there is someone selling something, but are these vendors aware of their rights? Karibu! went into the streets of Johannesburg to find out, and the response was shocking.

Crime in the city of Johannesburg has become a problem for the people.




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