“The problem though is, that these people are policy makers and they make policy for our schools whose learner reality they do not understand; whose parents’ reality they do not understand; whose struggle and poverty they can never hope to…”

“The Eskom Sub-station in NW7 Vanderbjlpark, situated not far from Bophelong and supplying the electricity to the Western part of Vanderbjlpark and the entire Bophelong, had imploded in early March this year. Residents were not happy that only…”

“Tshepo was a Worker Leader and very passionate about leading and uplifting the working class and Community Health Workers (CHWs). He was a dedicated activist in the Forum and dedicated his life to the fight for the permanent employment of CHWs…”

“Capital has devastated nature and human nurture.
Now nature is taking its revenge.
Once again capital will shield behind stimulus packages
While the working poor will die out packed like sardines in their slums…”

“As a school principal I am really deeply concerned about the well being of my learners, staff and their families, and I plea to you to reconsider your decision to open the schools. The Western Cape is a ticking time…”

“Workers found out that those missing had all tested positive. They promptly demanded that production stop until the workplace was safe. Management risked a further spread of the virus by packing workers into busses to get them tested in order…”

“The government’s decision to postpone the June exams to December, and the silence about when the December exam is going to be held, is an admission that given the Covid-19 conditions it will be impossible for public schools to recover the time lost in 2020.”

“Things got out of control and there was no social distancing as everybody wanted to touch the community hall gates. There was no one who was controlling the queue, and everybody is desperate to get food parcel as they wait at…”

“We still do not know how often children transmit the disease to others. The government’s decision to send children to school is completely reckless and…”

“As a leader of an organisation that is overwhelmingly female, Tshepo was a committed feminist and worked with female comrades with respect and as equals. In a country in which patriarchy runs through working class organisations, female comrades always felt…”



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