Daveyton Old Age Home Gets Back on Its Feet

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There are many places and organisations in Daveyton (on the Eastrand of Gauteng) that deal with helping elderly people and residents who are in need for shelter and food. These organisations help to improve the living conditions of the residents of Daveyton. They are a support system and a way in which the residents of Daveyton can improve their wellbeing and their health.

Daveyton has an old age home that provides the elderly with food, clothes, medication and some activities. This old age home is run by a non-profit organisation called the Daveyton Society for The Aged (DSA). They are based in Taung Street and has been operating for many years, making sure that elderly people who reside in Daveyton have a place where they can be at peace with themselves in the last days on their life. DSA also has their own transport that they use for all the elderly people who are part of the Daveyton Society for the Aged but do not live in the home itself.

But residents of Daveyton have complained that since the COVID-19 pandemic started the old age home hasn’t been functioning like the way it used to before the pandemic because they have been running short of supplies to provide to people in need. DSA has been completely occupied in trying to make sure that the elderly people are taken care of during the pandemic.

There are organisations like In2Food who have assisted and supply the old age home with cleaning supplies, food, and appliances etc and DSA also receives donations from the community. This old age home has shown us that it is possible to fight COVID-19 by helping each other by during this pandemic.

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