Employee scared to walk back home after work

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Chumisa, an employee of Debonairs, a pizza outlet, is scared every evening she has to return home after work. Chumisa works at the Debonairs at Tembi Mall in Rabasotho, Tembisa (in the East Rand of Johannesburg). There’s about a thirty minutes distance from Tembi Mall to Makhulong where Chumisa stays and a bridge dividing Rabasotho and Makhulong in the route Chumisa usually takes. This bridge makes Chumisa nervous each time she has to cross it, as she often encounters young men loitering near the bridge.

Fearful of being a victim of crime, Chumisa crosses the bridge only until she’s found someone to cross it with her. “Crossing the bridge alone is dangerous,” Chumisa says.

“Anything might happen. The gangsters might appear from whatever side of the bridge,” she adds.

Not all companies offer transport to their employees. Nando’s, a chicken franchise, offers transport to their employees only if they knock off late into the night. Some Nando’s workers knock off at 11PM. Those who knock off in the afternoon have to provide for their own transport. This is also the case when going to work for morning and afternoon shifts.

Workers feel it’s unfair for companies not to provide their employees with transport since they feel their salaries are not enough.

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