Illegal Chrome Miners

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Chrome is one of the minerals mined in the Limpopo province. As a result, the communities of Maandagshoek, Mooihoek and Balotjaneng (both in Limpopo) experience land destruction as illegal chrome mining takes place in their areas.

The communities were given a mandate to mine chrome in the nearby hills by their chief as they complained of platinum mines not hiring them due to lack of skills and low levels of education.

People who had money bought machines and trucks to use in chrome mining. This became illegal as people are making money and are not being taxed. Also they are not registered business people.

There are different groups of people in this business. Some are chrome buyers and chrome miners with machines and other chrome miners who use steel equipment.

Those using steel equipment dig and collect with buckets and wheelbarrows to sell to buyers per ton. The buyers then sell the chrome at Steelport depot and others at Gauteng depot. Unemployed people make their living by selling the chrome, though many have lost their lives during the diggings in the past few months and years.

The chrome is also stored in people’s yards and outside their yards and is being secured for those who need to buy it. They also pay for storing it there. The people work day and night shifts.

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