International Women’s Day 2023

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International Socialist Alternative’s statement on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (IWD) 2023 approaches as the wave of women leading movements and struggle against oppression and capitalist exploitation continues to develop, often explosively. The dire consequences of war, mass hunger, climate destruction, political crisis and social breakdown falls heaviest on working class and impoverished women around the world, and it is no surprise that they are fighting back. On IWD demonstrations, socialist feminists make the link between feminist movements, labor strikes, revolts against price hikes, mass movements against men’s and state violence against women, climate devastation and war. At the root of the multiple and interlinked crises is the capitalist system itself, and the insatiable greed of the hyper-wealthy class that the system serves.

Since IWD 2022, new explosive and revolutionary struggles have taken place, with working-class and young women on the front line. In Iran, the slogan “women, life, freedom” has captured the mood of a generation unwilling to accept the systematic brutality of the Iranian regime, whose rule relies on the oppression, subjugation and rigid control over women and their bodies. The rallying cry of this movement has resonated around the world.

Read the full statement here: #IWD23 #internationalwomensday

This press statement was released by the Workers And Socialist Party on 07 March 2023.

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