Solidarity Call for Support to All Tenants who are Victims of the apartheid Descendant Communicare

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Revolutionary Greetings to All

This Message is a Solidarity Call for Support to All Tenants who are Victims of the apartheid Descendant Communicare, the Homeless, Backyard Dwellers, Informal Settlements, Community Activist and Community Organizations to attend and join our Mass Assembly outside the Cape High Court, Keerom Street Cape Town on Friday 1st July 2022 at 10h00.

Mdanjelwa Attorneys gathered enough Historic evidence to file a Revolutionary High Court Class Action Lawsuit against one of the apartheid Beneficiaries Communicare, who through irregular means, took illegal occupation of vast tracks of vacant Land and 3 375 Social Housing Rental properties under the group areas act of 1950, that was under the criminal rule of the apartheid regime.

This Progressive Struggle against Social Housing Giant Communicare and exposing the corrupt Land Injustices of apartheid has taken us five (5) years to reach this pinnacle of our Liberation Struggle.

We lost hope in the Parliamentary process to amend section 25 of the Constitution to claim apartheid Land and Properties without compensation from illegal owners such as Communicare, who benefitted from white land and property grabs under ” Swart Gevaar ” and the unlawful apartheid rule.

The Inflicted Communicare Tenant Beneficiaries instructed Legal Counsel, Mdanjelwa Attorneys, to seek a High Court ruling to:

  1. Dispossess the Vacant Apartheid Land and Social Housing Rental properties that Communicare illegally inherited for free and secretly accumulated under the group areas act of 1950 under the apartheid rule.
  2. That the Communicare Tenant Beneficiaries be given the Title Deeds and Home Ownership to their Homes they are currently living in and renting for the past 30 years.
  3. Communicare is financially exploiting Tenants for decades by illegally charging them exorbitant Rent and using “anti-poor” Capitalist criteria such as “Market Related Rent” and “Inflation” to determine and justify their Exploitive rent based on their obsolete profit-making Social Enterprise business model.
  4. This Capitalist and Profit driven rental system in Social Housing we want the court to stop, as many Pensioners, Single Mothers and the vulnerable poor Tenants are evicted by Communicare and left homeless on account of Tenants becoming unemployed and not being financially able to sustain Communicare’s exorbitant Rent.
  5. Stopping the inhumane Communicare evictions and focus on property home ownership that will solve the Social Housing backlog of poor families that are homeless in Cape Town.
  6. This Social Enterprises’ Business model used in Social Housing, gives the Land Lords like Communicare, the right to unilaterally enforce exorbitant rent on Tenants and when the Tenants can no longer pay this exploitive Rent, the landlord has a right to inhumanely evict Tenants as a solution to fund their Capitalist Rental Cycle resulting in the poor and vulnerable Tenants becoming homeless.
  7. That Evictions and Blacklisting not be used as a solution to remedy and recover the financial income of the Capitalist Social Housing Landlords like Communicare
  8. That the court stops Communicare from illegally selling and transferring Social Housing Rental Properties in Ruyterwacht, Communicare inherited these properties for free from the apartheid regime.
  9. These Social Housing rental properties in Ruyterwacht were sold at a massive profit to buyers, including Foreign Investors.
  10. That the court stops Communicare from Demolishing and developing their Social Rental Housing stock for the rich property developers

Copies of this Revolutionary High Court Class Action Lawsuit, will be made available at the Mass Assembly outside the Cape High Court

Issued by:
Cde Mandisa Zamile @ 062 780 2135

Spokespersons for the following Housing Activists’ Organizations

Communicare Tenant Beneficiaries (CTB)
Ruyterwacht Community Association (RCA)
Albatross Housing Care (AHC)
Thornton Housing Assembly (THA) Housing Assembly (HA)

This press statement was released on 29 June 2022.


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