Test Post

For the past 3 days my own family life was shrouded in uncertainty when we have to wait for the outcome of my wife’s Covid test result. As a husband, father and school principal I guess you can’t guess or comprehend what I have gone through. No matter what personal trauma I have to go through, it is expected of me to be strong for my family, comfort them and still give 100% to my staff, learners and the education department. In my opinion principals and teachers are so exhausted in dealing with all the trauma that this virus brings, that it won’t be long before they won’t be able to take anymore. It is further expected of teachers not to be scared or anxious. They must clinically deal with this abnormal situation and continue to give 100%. How can there be expected from my staff to give their all if more than one of their colleagues are affected by the Virus. Do you know what you are doing to us? My staff are looking in my eyes for answers and solutions, because the standard answer of the Education department is always: “Sir follow the protocol applicable to your situation or challenge.” Mr. President I am working with people, social beings with feelings and concerns. My staff is family to me and not a bunch of persal numbers as they are deemed by the Education department.

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