Women’s Declaration Against Sex Abuse

Women’s Declaration Against Sex Abuse

50 Mauritian women sign a 100-word Common Declaration Against Sex Abuse.The Common Declaration Against Sex Abuse represents a shared stand against patriarchy. It comes after 50 years of Independence and in the build-up to International Women’s Day 2018, at the very time when all over the world there are uprisings of women against harassment by predatory men.

The Declaration has been co-ordinated by the Muvman Liberasyon Fam. MLF has included women – from different “currents of thinking” over the decades – who have made, and are making, a contribution to the women’s movement or to women’s emancipation through the contribution they make in their field.

Common Declaration

I, the undersigned, stand with women all over the world who are raising their voices against predatory men, men who use their positions of “relative power” on the worksite – or in other institutions – so as to abuse women. Times are changing. Organizations with a modicum of democracy – including political parties, unions and professional associations – are beginning, everywhere in the world, to hold men accountable, or to revoke them or expel them for abusing women. We, women, worldwide are beginning to raise our voices against sexual and sexist abuse. I for one will no longer collude with this.

Thus, I add my signature, me too.  

Aisha Doba                                                  Julia Maigrot                                  Mohni Bali

Allia Syed Hossen-Gooljar                      Kisna Kistnasamy                           Monique Descombes

Ambal Jeanne                                            Kumari Issur                                   Munavvar Namdarkhan

Ananda Devi                                               Laure Soobrayen                           Myriam Narainsamy

Anjani Murdan                                          Lindsey Collen                                Patricia Day-Hookoomsing

Anne-Lise Mestry                                     Linzi Bacbotte                                 Pushpa Lallah

Anne-Marie Joly                                       Manda Boolell                                 Rajni Lallah

Anooradah Pooran                                   Marie Claire Bibi Diop                   Ranjita Bunwaree

Anushka Virahsawmy                              Marie-France Favory                      Sadna Jumnoodoo

Aurore Perraud                                         Marie-Noelle Elissac-Foy               Sadna Jumnoodoo

Begum Badullah                                       Marlène Urcile Ladine                    Sandra O’Reilly

Daniella Bastien                                       Marousia Bouvery                            Sarah-Jane Vingta

Danielle Turner                                       Mary Jane Gaspard                          Sheela Baguant

Djemillah Mourade                                Maya Hanoomanjee                         Sheila Bappoo

Francoise Labelle                                   Mélanie Vigier de Latour-               Sheila Bunwaree

Francoise Lamusse                               Bérenger                                               Veronique Topize

Gaëlle Tossé                                           Merline Francois                                 Vidula Nababsing

Husna Ramjanally                                Micheline Virahsawmy

Circulated by the MLF, 27 February, 2018



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