About Karibu!

The Karibu! newspaper was launched in 2005 as a quarterly newspaper for social movements with a specific focus on combating xenophobia in South Africa, and with a limited regional focus. Over the years Karibu! developed from a quarterly to a monthly, and broadened its coverage of news from a focus on combating xenophobia to a focus struggles for social justice in general, and on service delivery in particular. Karibu! therefore sees itself as part of taking the broader social justice and democratic challenges of post-apartheid South Africa.

Over the last two years Karibu! has evolved even further, and now seeks to be a broader working class newspaper covering all aspects of working class life. Karibu! has become a platform where people from different sectors and different walks of life access news about social, economic, political and cultural life of the country and of the working class in particular. An equally important element of this evolution of Karibu! is that the newspaper has set itself the goal of becoming a national newspaper – operating on a variety of platform that include digital (web-based), mobi as well as hardcopy paper.

As part of its perspective of becoming a working class newspaper, Karibu! launched an educational supplement named “Baithuti” – which means ‘those who educate themselves’. The name for the supplement points to another key principle in the development of the newspaper – which is that it seeks to based itself on working class self-education.

The principle on which Karibu! is founded is that as a newspaper it seeks to promote democracy and to work in a democratic way. This element is also embedded in its newsgathering strategy.

The Forum of Activist Journalists The primary news generation strategy of Karibu! consists in building a network of community journalists who contribute news to the newspaper. The overall aim of Karibu! and the Forum of Activist Journalists Project is the defence of the democratic space through building a progressive media movement which is part of the broader social justice movement.

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Karibu! Contact Details

Physical address: Khanya College 5th Floor House of Movements 123 Pritchard Street Johannesburg, 2001 Phone: 011 336 9190

General Enquiries Email: Karibu!.News@Karibu!.org.za Karibu!! Website: www.Karibu!.org.za Khanya College Website: www.khanyacollege.org.za Facebook URL: www.facebook.com/Karibu!KhanyaCollege/ 

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