Activist Profile: Poppy Makhubo

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Poppy Makhubo (29) is a social entrepreneur living and working in Thokoza. Makhubo is an environmental activist advocating for women on social change. She is inspired by her mother who is an entrepreneur, seeing her mother starting her business from scratch and running it influenced her to start a business.

As a young person who grew up in a working-class neighbourhood, she was conscious of the fact that the environment doesn’t have conducive spaces to build, spaces for positive peer-to-peer engagement and also not having access to skill development programmes.

As a woman activist and community leader, she faces challenges such as being undermined by men who refuse to acknowledge women’s leadership. She is the co-founder of Habitat61 and one of their biggest victories was in April 2019, when they did a place-making strategy to clean up a dumping site. That space is now used for providing experiential learning programmes such as visual art classes, book clubs and work spaces for cultural workers.

This article was submitted as part of the Imbila Yesu publication produced daily for the duration of the Winter School in 2022 (17-22 July 2022). It appeared in Edition No. 1, released on 22 July 2022.

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