Bodibe New Clinic in Shaleng

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The name of my clinic is Bodibe New Clinic. It is situated in Bodibe Village at Shaleng Section. At Bodibe New Clinic there are 4 night-duty staff members – 2 professional nurses and 2 assistant nurses. Day staff consists of 8 professional nurses and 2 assistant nurses. They work in pairs consisting of 5 staff members each, which means we have 2 teams working on different days on a day shift, but they meet every Wednesday and work together.

There are 2 counsellors, 2 mentor mothers, 2 tracers, 2 caregivers, and 11 community health workers. This facility also has 6 security guards working in different shifts.

We do not have a space in the clinic for stationery and struggle more on unfavourable weather conditions so we bought a shack, a table, and chairs for ourselves. We are not responsible for the missing files but if files go missing they make it our responsibility especially if the person is referred by you or the person is in your Adherence Club.

My duties are household registration, household assessments, household visits, tracing, health education, and Adherence Clubs Facilitation. Some people are rude but 90% of the staff’s attitude has improved a lot except for Outreach Team Leaders who think we know nothing.

We hold meetings only when there are emergency matters to attend to. We do not hold meetings as often as the clinic staff.

There is always a shortage of medication because the department does not pay the service provider on time so medication is delivered late or they get expired medication that must be returned to the service provider. There is always a shortage of staff because they fail to motivate CHWs even if they see potential in them.

The department of health in the North West should be taken to court because CHWs work hard and have adequate skills for employment.

We pray that we get absorbed by the Department.

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