Break Ins in Slovo Park Target Plasma TVs

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Residents of Slovo Park (an informal settlement near Springs on the East-rand of Gauteng) have been complaining about the recent break-ins where robbers are stealing plasma televisions.

“Enough is enough,” says Mantobaki Mohashole, who is one of the recent victims of the Slovo Park break-ins. Telling her story to Karibu!, she says it was in May earlier this year, when they entered her home at 02:00. Mohashole, at the time was with her three children when the robbers broke into the house.

Looking back, she remembers hearing noises, but she did not mind them because she thought it was drunkards passing by. She went back to slept after that. But Mohashole was woken up by someone standing at her bedroom door pointing at her with the gun. She realised it was one of the robbers, who told her to not scream and keep quiet. He then shot once behind her making her scream a lot. After hearing the gun shot, the neighbours came out, making the robbers run away with the plasma television in hand. At the time, it had only been three months since she had bought the television.

In looking back at what happened, Mahashole thinks the people who broke into her house know her very well. They knew that she is sometimes alone or with just her children at night. This is because her children stay in Kliptown (south of Johannesburg), but they visit her often. Her husband works night shift in the factories, so they took the opportunity to break in knowing that there is no man in the house to fight them.

Mohashole is not the only victim in the area. There are many victims like her who are saying that their plasmas were also stolen the same way. Slovo Park residents believe that the stealing is done by one person who knows them very well and lives among them.

To protect themselves, the residents of Slovo Park came up with an idea to start patrolling their community. No one is allowed to walk around after 22:00, except if you have a valid reason. Many of the residents say that since the community patrolling began they have started have to feel safe and that the break ins have decreased.

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