Gauteng Health Department Only Want Statistics

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Community Healthcare Workers (CHWs) work so hard to provide services to the community, but their work is not recognised. The Health Department has often claimed that CHWs don’t have a proper job description, so CHWs can be delegated to assist in screenings, vaccination and working at the vital room at clinics. CHWs, who are now full-time workers. can also be moved from working within their catchment areas to other areas within the province.

10 CHWs from Zuurbekom Clinic (on the West rand of Gauteng) were recently moved to work in Westonaria Clinic, while others were moved to work in Bekkersdal and Simunye Clinic (also in the West rand). Starting on 3 September 2021, all these CHWs now work outside of their catchment areas and they have to use their own money for transport to Travel from Zuurbekom to these places. This is big challenge for the CHWs.

CHWs also have to wake up much earlier in the morning, around 4-5am, to give allowance for time to look for transport everyday. They now spend around R60 and more on transport a day and back and lunch is not even included.

The Health Department does not care about the challenges that CHWs face or what the community are facing, they only want the statistics reports that CHWs compile each month. But the comments and complaints that CHWs write in these reports are not taken into consideration.

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