Challenges in Mohadin Clinic

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The name of the clinic is Mohadin clinic in Potchefstroom under the JB Marks Local Municipality. The clinic I work in falls under ward 9.

The first thing that I can say is where we work, we do not have an office. The office is too small for the work papers. We seat and work outside, under the tree.

The first thing in the morning we have to prepare for is to go to the field but sometimes because of the shortage of staff, we have to help first where the shortage is, for example, vitals, health education. Those are not our duties in the facility; our duties are out in the community.

We started to ask about our duties in the facility then explained that: “we have to help.” My duties at the community are doing household visits, health education, tracing, referrals, community campaigns, and crèche campaigns. Going with the Sister to the field to see that I’m doing things right.

But on top of that, they are not treating us well. They do not care about us, only about statistics. We are doing important work; why do they not want to hire us because we are giving them statistics? They do not want to take us to further educate us, instead of hiring us they send their families to the school. It shows they are benefitting from this programme.

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