CHWs Are Still Waiting

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Our issues are still unresolved as Community Healthcare Workers (CHWs). The waiting is killing us, not knowing where we stand as CHWs part of Vlaklaagte II Clinic (near Tweefontein in Mpumalanga). We’ve been waiting for much too long, it seems they’ve forgotten about us.

All the hard work and dedication, and the painful thing is there is no one listening to what we have to say, how can they deny us what is rightfully ours? Through thick and thin we’ve been walking these roads, from the times we were not getting paid up until today.

The fact that they want to employ other people to do the work we used to do, when we are there unemployed, is very painful.

Let us not forget that this issue does not only affect us, it also affects the community as a whole. Elders and chronic patients that we used to visit and take medication to; they are no longer getting that service.

It is not our will to stay home and hope. We feel like we have been robbed of our jobs. We did not choose this path because of money but because we love this job, so why now do they find us unsuitable for this job, even though all along we were the ones doing it?

This article is an opinion piece. It was submitted on 4 June 2021 and first published in the Forum News May-June 2021 edition. The views expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect those of Karibu! Online or Khanya College.

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