“The problem with online education is that as a parent you are also learning with your child, you need to be there throughout the lessons so that you can assist after lessons with homework given. This takes up a lot of…”

“At Extension 28 Clinic, 7 staff members were already infected with Covid-19. Department of Health, however, has changed the rules and now says when you are infected with Covid-19 you only quarantine for 10 days and come back to work…”

“But it is already the end of July and there are districts that haven’t been given direction about what the terms of signing are under the regulations of COVID-19. The signing of these long awaited permanent contracts is taking place…”

“I then went to see and to my shock, my shack was on fire. That’s when I started shouting help and ran for the buckets and the neighbour came running with a water hose pipe and helping me put the…”

“Organic” farming means that the fruits and vegetables are grown without using chemical fertilisers or pesticides or any other artificial substances. Studies have shown that organically grown food helps with food security and has less of an environmental impact…”

“We know that there are people who found out they had the virus after testing, and showed no symptoms. I’m scared for my child but there’s nothing I can do. I will not be able to assist her if she…”

“Althea Foster had inherited the home from her late father, and was living in it with her young daughter and her adult son. She and her daughter had been visiting a friend when the fire broke out; and so was…”

“Government promised to help by issuing Relief Grants, but not everyone qualifies for it, especially people who do not have South African Identity Documents (IDs). Many of those who do have IDs and have applied and are still waiting for …”

“Many people from townships don’t have access to official news channels that give verified detail to what is really going on in and around the world, rather they have SABC news channels which has been giving people limited information throughout…”

“As a human rights defender, I have already approached the Department of Health here in Mfidikoe through local clinic officials. I requested for the relevant person in the clinic to show me the statistics for Tuberculosis(TB) in ward 34. …”



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