Petition to COGTA – 11 January 2016

Concerned Residence of Merafong and Civil Society organisations’ “PETITION” to Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs, pass on motion of “Motion of no confidence” against Councillor Jomo Mogale, MMC for water, electric, sanitation and gas on the following matters:

  1. He failed to fulfil his executive obligation in terms of the Constitution, chapter 2: Bill of Rights, section 33, ‘just Administrative Action’, (1) everyone has the right to administrative action that is lawful, reasonable and procedurally fair. (2) Everyone whose right have been adversely affected by administrative action has the right to be given written reasons. He failed drastically the residents of Merafong particularly of Khutsong. People are affected by sewer spillages for months; we are living in an unhealthy, smelly environment.
  2. Water leakages not fixed for months that has costed the taxpayers billions of rands.
  3. Scraping of water services account incurred by municipality during Khutsong unrest/demarcation struggle in 2004- 2008.

In late 2013 we were told by the then Acting Municipal manager Mr. George Seitisho which arrears account of R253- million were written off through a council resolution for all Merafong residents with handed over accounts that have prescribed. These accounts form part of the written off amount.

In December 2014, people were served with final demands letters. And letters of demands are from Trifecta Collections, and threatened to the attachment of property. What happened to the R253m in question? Why the funds were not used for what it supposed to? What it supposed to be used for? Who benefited and why? He managed to install water pipes for the informal settlement community but failed to connect the water-meter reading. As it is pratical with the following regards:

  1. He promoted illegal electric connection in the informal settlement at Khutsong and including Khutsong Hostel,
  2. And ward 12 are discriminated, they are without electricity and proper streets.
  3. He failed to conduct his duties as councillor in an open manner and hold his meetings in public. Section 195 of the Constitution is violated.
  4. There are sewerage spillages, water-meter and pipes leakages.
  5. He failed to implement the Geo-Tech Investigative report. People were affected by the sinkholes that are caused by the faulty pipes of the municipality.
  6. A big sinkhole approximately 6 meters deep since 2013 in Ward 9, next to a resevoir in Shiawelo Informal settlement, Khutsong.
  7. His involvement in corrupt activities. He must be removed as councillor and IEC to hold the bi-election in Khutsong. The community finds that, he suffers from incapacity, is grossly incompetent and is guilty of gross of misconduct, he must be removed as a councillor.
  8. Negligent in that the 4 year boy died in the open sewerage pit on the 17/18 February 2015, in Fochville, Kokosi.

Matters prevailing from grievances stipulated above are within the peremeters of the Constitution and any one who goes against the precepts of the Constitution, he/she commits an offence against services delivery agreement. The residents want the Minister to act quickly and call for the bi-election.

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