Reading During The Lockdown

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There are many ways in which schools can communicate with pupils and families during the lockdown.  Most learners in the township are not doing much during the lockdown, but reading might be a solution.  Even if the school has a communication method to continue learning,  everyone should should read.

The importance of reading cannot be overlooked as it can help learners keep busy. Reading helps us relax, bond with our families and experience a different world.

While learners are at home, families should encourage them to read and have a routine.  It’s also important to have honest conversations about the difficulties of reading. Some people struggle to read. Families are trying to balance a lot at the moment. Recreating a full school timetable won’t be possible for many families, but some routine and reading time can help.

“Creating a comfortable space to read at home is also a fun activity for families to try.  Make sure you get out of bed when reading”, says Dr. Maria van Driel, Jozi Book Fair Director.

Reading as family is a great way to encourage literacy and child development, build closer bonds, and create lifelong memories that can even be passed on from generation to generation. Reading helps one grow mentally, emotionally and psychologically. Every book gives you an opportunity to learn something new and to explore new ideas.

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