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This year has been a difficult year for learners like Noluvuyo Somacala, a student from…

Schools are battling to make up for the lost days while also managing the hostile environment under which they have come to operate. Learners are not used to learning in such an environment and this could result in an increase in the number of dropouts…

Some ministers in our Government have unashamedly used the COVID-19 pandemic to enrich themselves. Amidst the pandemics of COVID-19, capitalism, classism, racism and gender-based violence, people of faith have, for the most part, been quiet.

The transformation of our education system never took place after 1994. Closing them to protect our children from the COVID-19 pandemic is the best thing to do.

“While learners are at home, families should encourage them to read and have a routine. It’s also important to have honest conversations about the difficulties of reading. Some people struggle to read. Families are trying to balance a lot at…”

We, the under-mentioned concerned high school and primary school principals herewith make an urgent appeal to our honourable president and all members of cabinet. Our appeal is for Government to review its decision to reopen schools…

“The government’s decision to postpone the June exams to December, and the silence about when the December exam is going to be held, is an admission that given the Covid-19 conditions it will be impossible for public schools to recover the time lost in 2020.”

“Universities have over the years come to resemble businesses much more, and in general. Virtually all universities have defined what is called the ‘core…”

“The recent incident leading up to the absolutely unnecessary death of Parktown Boys High School pupil, Enoch Mpianzi, has carved up an opportunity for…”