Sewerage Leaks Put Health At Risk

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Since the lock down started, leaking sewerage systems and drain blockages are creating potential health threats. The government does not really track down statistics of this problem in communities which  puts community health at risk through sewerage leaks.


The water is flowing outside designated pipes right in  the streets. How many people could be infected by pathogens that are in the sewerage? This particular burst has been two weeks since the problem around the area  was reported.
When the municipality workers came to the area they said the problem will be solved and a few hours later they left without resolving it. Another pipe has burst in another section of the same suburb.


The water flowing outside designated pipes right in the streets. The damaged pipe here was reported two weeks ago at the time of writing.

Man jumping over the sewerage. The source of the hazardous liquid waste is quite further up
the street from here.

Our reporter follows the sewerage stream to where it forms a larger body of water right next to
houses. Children can be heard playing nearby.

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