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On going protests in townships against cut off electricity

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Johannesburg is a city that is well known for its minerals and job opportunities.

Bathurst Location Community, located in the Eastern Cape has been having problems with water supply for many years, even before the location was expanded to include some surrounding residential areas.

Crime in the city of Johannesburg has become a problem for the people.

Houselessness is one of the biggest issues we face in South Africa, and there are various reasons why people end up unhoused.

On Thursday, 17 August 2023, I went to interview people living in the inner city of Johannesburg about how they are affected by the pollution.

The residents of Kwa-Thema have been on multiple strikes and mini protests almost every week after the fire at the Nkabinde substation that supplied a lot of sections in KwaThema with electricity.

In the big city of Johannesburg, it has been two days without water, at least in the Central Business District.

Street vendors in Johannesburg are not safe since they are getting robbed and when they report the matter to their nearest police station nothing is being done about their cases.

On Saturday, 01 July 2023, at Khanya College during a workshop, activists raised problems faced by the people who live in the inner city.

Government cutting funding to designated child protection services will perpetuate the cycle of violence, undermine community safety, and thwart strategies to catch up after COVID.

Communities of the Rand West (West Rand) greater Randfontein have been struggling with water for the past few weeks starting around mid-May 2023.