Unemployed People’s Movement

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The Unemployment People’s Movement (UPM) is regarded as an independent social movement. UPM was established in August 2009 by Ayanda Kota who is the chairperson of the organisation. They are situated in Makana (formerly called Grahamstown), Eastern Cape.

The social movement has an open-door policy, with a motto to not turn anyone away. They address all issues, with no issue being too big or too small for them. They have a food and clothing programme that they give to people who need assistance. They also fight to resolve woman-related issues as well as youth problems along with also fighting for toilets.

In 2022 alone they assisted 10 families who could not afford to give their loved ones dignified burials. They organised the funerals from beginning to end, taking away the financial stress away from the family.

They are big on creating working opportunities within the community. Kota, the founder held meetings and discussions and negotiated until She was able to secure working opportunities for 1000 unemployed people in the community.

Unemployment People’s Movement contested elections and after elections, they were able to secure several five seats which was regarded as a huge win for them, being a minority party. The seats are held by four males and one female.

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