“On Saturday, 8 August 2020, the gang invaded the Basothong Section in Daveyton around 8pm during the electricity load shedding. They beat and tortured a woman and her child. The woman recently had a stroke but the gang members didn’t…”

“The Daveyton station was subsequently shutdown completely. Since then there have been many acts of massive vandalism and break-ins. Train cables, computers and other equipment were stolen. Equipment is still being taken from the offices, but neither the police nor…”

“Many people from townships don’t have access to official news channels that give verified detail to what is really going on in and around the world, rather they have SABC news channels which has been giving people limited information throughout…”

My name is Lereko Ntsaoana from Daveyton in the East Rand of Gauteng. This is what is happening around my township and how people around my location are responding to the matter at hand – COVID-19. It’s been seven days since the lockdown started and its been months since the outbreak of coronavirus, but to …