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Schools & COVID-19

“This takes up a lot of time, because you can’t do your daily chores and everything has to wait for the weekend. As we put our children’s education first, we have no choice but to support them. But I am…”

“The second reason for the failure of the state’s public schools strategy, is the emerging grassroots movement to close schools. The temporary closure of schools or ‘break’ is a partial victory won by these movements. The protests started in Cape Town…”

“Equal Education has been running a campaign of nutrition, advocating for learners whose families are unable to provide for them in the lockdown. During lockdown people are not allowed to be in gatherings and most families in townships and rural…”

“Later that day, Karibu! interviewed two grade 7 learners. One of the students told Karibu! that on their first day back at school, they “were sanitised four times before we would enter classrooms.” Another student however had a different experience…”

“But most parents are concerned about the safety of their children should they return to school while the coronavirus numbers are increasing daily. They pointed out that the government is failing to protect the workers who are striking…”

‘Mrs Jibber indicated that ‘”some of the 30 schools that were affected includes, Tshhemedi Primary School, Vaal High School, Pitseng Primary School, Qhoweng Primary School and Sebokeng Technical School, amongst many others,” said Mrs. Jubber. Although the academic year…”

“The joint inspection report revealed that the school building’s windows of Blocks A and B had been altered and therefore could not open for ventilation, and that the said alterations are unsafe and unhealthy. This would jeopardise the safety and health of the learners and the teachers…”