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Schools & COVID-19

As schools reopened for all grades, some schools are struggling with space and the structuring of classes. This has caused a confusion for other learners in other schools…

Schools are battling to make up for the lost days while also managing the hostile environment under which they have come to operate. Learners are not used to learning in such an environment and this could result in an increase in the number of dropouts…

Some ministers in our Government have unashamedly used the COVID-19 pandemic to enrich themselves. Amidst the pandemics of COVID-19, capitalism, classism, racism and gender-based violence, people of faith have, for the most part, been quiet.

The transformation of our education system never took place after 1994. Closing them to protect our children from the COVID-19 pandemic is the best thing to do.

“Many schools closed because learners and teachers tested positive for the virus. This means that the academic calendar is being affected. Learners have to find all other means to cover up for lost time even though this seems highly impossible…”

“The social distancing regulations are followed regularly every day and you are assured that the kids are safe at school. But as for Bokamoso High School. social distancing is kept only when possible. By that I mean teachers do not…”

We, the under-mentioned concerned high school and primary school principals herewith make an urgent appeal to our honourable president and all members of cabinet. Our appeal is for Government to review its decision to reopen schools…

“Mental health is also an issue for many learners at this time. Learners are doing the best they can, despite high levels of anxiety and stress. Matriculants bear the greatest pressure. With the pressure they have and the amount of…”

“This takes up a lot of time, because you can’t do your daily chores and everything has to wait for the weekend. As we put our children’s education first, we have no choice but to support them. But I am…”

“The second reason for the failure of the state’s public schools strategy, is the emerging grassroots movement to close schools. The temporary closure of schools or ‘break’ is a partial victory won by these movements. The protests started in Cape Town…”

“Equal Education has been running a campaign of nutrition, advocating for learners whose families are unable to provide for them in the lockdown. During lockdown people are not allowed to be in gatherings and most families in townships and rural…”

“Later that day, Karibu! interviewed two grade 7 learners. One of the students told Karibu! that on their first day back at school, they “were sanitised four times before we would enter classrooms.” Another student however had a different experience…”