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“While learners are at home, families should encourage them to read and have a routine. It’s also important to have honest conversations about the difficulties of reading. Some people struggle to read. Families are trying to balance a lot at…”

“The youth applied for these jobs in high numbers and some even got responses from the DBE saying that they will be called for training before the schools reopen. But up until now, the youth have not been called for…”

“Immediately after my friend locked the gate, a white car stopped next to me and one of men approached me. They searched me, took my phone and started swearing at me.” I did not report the incident because I know Tembisa…”

“Aside from unemployment, one of the challenges that South Africa is currently grappling with is Xenophobia. Some South African citizens feel that people from other countries, especially African countries, take their jobs and opportunities because they accept lower wages. Instead…”

“But things began to change during lockdown level 3 when people were allowed to go to work. Even people began selling in the streets. Taxi operators also wanted to make up for loss of profits when people were not going…”

“When they fight people get injured, even innocent people. Three people in the Inanda, Kwathema were allegedly killed in the middle of the street in broad day light. There are people who actually witnessed the murders. It is believed that…”

“Organic” farming means that the fruits and vegetables are grown without using chemical fertilisers or pesticides or any other artificial substances. Studies have shown that organically grown food helps with food security and has less of an environmental impact…”

“We know that there are people who found out they had the virus after testing, and showed no symptoms. I’m scared for my child but there’s nothing I can do. I will not be able to assist her if she…”

“Government promised to help by issuing Relief Grants, but not everyone qualifies for it, especially people who do not have South African Identity Documents (IDs). Many of those who do have IDs and have applied and are still waiting for …”

“Many people from townships don’t have access to official news channels that give verified detail to what is really going on in and around the world, rather they have SABC news channels which has been giving people limited information throughout…”

“As a human rights defender, I have already approached the Department of Health here in Mfidikoe through local clinic officials. I requested for the relevant person in the clinic to show me the statistics for Tuberculosis(TB) in ward 34. …”

“These boys are real, I thought it was a joke when I was told about the gang until I got stabbed,” said Khutso. The victim got stabbed by a gang member after he refused to give them R50 which they…”