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“We have to pay for our own protection, why do we have to suffer in our forefathers land? The land that they lost their lives fighting for… Is this the end of our freedom and the beginning of our sufferings…”

“We fear for our essential workers that leave our homes everyday
We scrutinise them for the symptoms
Everytime they enter the house…”

“The problem though is, that these people are policy makers and they make policy for our schools whose learner reality they do not understand; whose parents’ reality they do not understand; whose struggle and poverty they can never hope to…”

“As a school principal I am really deeply concerned about the well being of my learners, staff and their families, and I plea to you to reconsider your decision to open the schools. The Western Cape is a ticking time…”

“Members use the savings for family holidays. For events like Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day they contribute R100.00. They are also interested in investing in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. While they have kept the momentum going, Covid-19 …”