CHWs Challenges at Boikhutso Clinic

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The name of my clinic is Boikhutso clinic. It is situated at Boikhutso location, in the Ditsobotla sub-district, Near Potchefstroom in North-West.

In our clinic, we keep all our stationary in the Outreach Team Leader’s office because we as Community Health Workers (CHWs) do not have our own office at the moment. The people responsible for filing are the clerks but most files are missing.

Our job is in the community, but we also do health education before going. The meeting is held every Friday to help other CHWs’ struggles (challenges). There are some other problems at the clinic.

There are a lot of medicine shortages, the government takes longer to buy what is needed and sometimes the management submits orders very late or they just forget. Sometimes medication is out of stock. Long queues are caused by a shortage of staff.

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