The Goings-on at Jouberton CHC

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The name of the facility I work in is Jouberton Community Health Centre. It is in the Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality in the North-West.

The clinic where I’m working in, is the biggest one in the location of Jouberton in Klerksdorp. It operates on a 24-hour and is very big and very clean. Our clinic operations manager is very quiet but very observant in checking whether everything is going well.

The staff and Community Health Workers work together as a team and also treat our clients very well. After I sign a register we go outside with our Outreach Team Leader to do fieldwork, attending to problems that need us. We also have a schedule of the day, which side we target for that day, and also doing campaigns. We do check the clients’ medicine – whether they are taking it correctly, and also we refer those who need to be referred to a clinic to get some help.

We need to make sure their carry cards are up-to-date especially, those who are used to defaulting by not taking their treatment

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