Edenpark Park Clean Up

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Edenpark park in the south of Johannesburg, is currently under renovation. For a long time, the park was a drug den and drug dealers’ spot, not to mention the crime. Residents were found hanged on trees in the park. This is a place which was supposed to give them rest and shade when it’s hot. The park served as crime spot. It was not easy to walk alone in the early mornings of which it was the shortcut to the shops, automated teller machines, library and municipal offices as well as the clinic.

Currently the park is now being revamped and the name will change to Datsun Park. Residents hope this will change and bring goodness in the community, as the park is just next to two churches. It previously didn’t demonstrate goodwill to the congregants while they were worshipping the Lord. It was portraying bad habits to the younger generations.

Datsun Park is now going to promote healthy lifestyles. There will be a gym that the community will have free access to. The park will be maintained by the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality. Security measures will be extended as well, bringing hope that Eden Park will be a better place.

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