Un-contracted CHWs Shut Down the Health Department Employment Interviews in Mpumalanga

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The Isibusiso Community Healthcare Workers (CHWs) in Mpumalanga have begun engaging in a shut down of employment interviews, after they were forced to apply for their current jobs in August 2020. This happened after the Mpumalanga Department of Health (DoH) told the CHWs that the NGO they were employed by was not registered and that therefore the DoH cannot absorb the CHWs into their persal system. This is despite the fact that the DoH had been receiving monthly reports from this NGO.

In August this year the Gauteng Community Health Care Forum (the Forum) joined the group of Mpumalanga CHWs when they marched to submit their memorandum at teir health district office. The memorandum stated that the CHWs demand their jobs be given to them permanently, as they were unfairly treated with the request for them to apply for their jobs that they’ve been doing for years. Sometimes CHWs were paid but other times they were not paid yet the health reports were sent each and every month.

Some CHWs have ended up applying for the posts advertised and have received the confirmation of receipt of application from the Human Resources (HR) Department.

On Monday 7 December 2020 the Mpumalanga Health Department started shortlisting the CHWs who had applied and called their candidates applied for interviews. To the surprise of the Isibusiso CHWs only three candidates were called from their NGO. This was after they were promised to be considered as the first priority. When they enquired why this happened, the CHWs were told that the Mpumalanga DoH hadn’t received their applications, yet they have confirmation SMSs from the Department as proof with them.

On 16 December 2020 the Isibusiso CHWs had a meeting where they decided to shut down the Department’s interviews. The Isibusiso CHWs went again to the HR department in their district offices to submit their memorandum with the list of all the confirmed applicants and their confirmation numbers.

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