Shop Owner’s Covid-19 Experience

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Shop owners have experienced difficulties with their businesses because of COVID-19.  Kingson, a male in his early 40s is one of those shop owners whose business has drowned due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A male in his early 40s, Kingson owns a small shop in the inner city of Johannesburg. He sells tissues, diapers and other goods like cans of beans and peanuts.

He started his business in 2016 and works with two people. He says his business was doing well all this time. He even used to advertise his business by doing sales on some products to draw people to his shop.

Since the lockdown started on Thursday, 26 March 2020, when level 5 was announced; his business started to drown. His goods expired. And because there were no people coming into the inner city, he closed his shop during the lockdown.

He struggled to pay rent for the shop and the flay where he lives with his family. Things are gradually improving in level 1. His parents and siblings are back home and he is the breadwinner. He is supposed to send money back home, so he has a lot of responsibilities.


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